Ski season 2022-2023

The cross-country ski season in Saariselkä begins on the first snow track or on natural snow. There is no stored snow in Saariselkä which means that the first snow ski track is made with snow cannons. The snow making requires minus degrees for several days in a row. Typically we have been able to start the snow making on week 42 or 43.

We will start grooming the trails on natural snow as soon as there is enough of snow on the ground and the weather forecasts predict that the snow will stick to the ground. Typically we need 15-25cm of natural snow to be able to start the season.

Schedule for the season:

As soon as there is enough of snow:

  • Saariselkä – Laanila – Kiilopää – Kakslauttanen – Tieva/Muotka
  • Kuutamolatu
  • Prospektori
  • Saariselkä – Luttotupa
  • Sivakkaoja
  • Ahopää
  • Ahopään välilatu
  • Saariselkä – Rumakuru – Piispanoja

Week 51:

  • Kiilopää – Luulampi – Rumakuru
  • Saariselkä – Kaunispää – Palo-oja

Week 8:

  • Palo-oja – Moitakuru – Luttotupa
  • Iisakkipää
  • Lutto – Taajoslaavu – Luulampi
  • all nature trails

End of ski season:

  • The last day of trail maintenance is 6th of May 2023
  • All nature trails will be closed on 15th of April 2023
  • Lutto – Taajoslaavu – Luulampi and Palo-oja – Moitakuru – Lutto routes will be closed on 22nd of April 2023.

Due to the unstable circumstances, there might be changes to this schedule during the season.

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